Terri Marie - 'Something Simple' - Album review

Firsty I must apologise for the recent Dung Beetle radio silence. I can't say for certain that I was carted off to an Apple-shaped brain altering compound in the desert, because I just cannot be sure. And they definitely would have flashed the little 'Men in Black' memory thingy at me so I wouldn't even know if I had been. But I suspect that is probably exactly where I've been.

Anyway, we'll chew that fat some other time... this post is focused on one thing and one thing only - and that is the brilliant first album from the awesome talent that is Terri Marie.

I first met Canadian Terri in a dodgy backpackers hostel deep in New Zealand grape-picking territory. Surrounded by smoke, cheap beer, mad night skies and questionable hygiene, Terri's down to earth, catchy songs and impressive guitar skills seemed the perfect musical accompaniment to that time of life. But then a lot of things did. I remember thinking she was good...but I didn't realise how good she actually was until I got hold of the long-awaited finished product 18 months later, chucked it on during the reality of a chaotic rush hour commute through a British city centre, and wow! - it translated. This girl is for real.

The reason for this is Terri Marie is no one trick pony. She takes influence from a variety of sources, including artists Etta James and Regina Spektor, a youth spent growing up in small town Canada listening to country and a stint in the big city  in a jam band called 'The Dirty Thieving Gypsies', who "sat around [their] apartment mostly, drinking beer and making noise".

Heading off around the world, the old faithful friend of a friend connection came good for her in the form of Peter Renzullo from Scudley Records in Perth, Western Australia. In just a few weeks, Terri's guitar and vocal tracks were laid down and she was off to New Zealand to entertain dirty travellers and continue to expand her horizons, whilst Pete worked his magic in the studio, producing the beautiful finished product that is 'Something Simple'.

However, aside from the big musical influences and travel inspiration, the main influence in Terri's music is life itself - not just the defining or exceptional experiences, but the everyday moments as well. That's what helps this album translate nicely into any given circumstance - you don't need to be camping under the stars to enjoy it - you don't need to be in love to understand it - and you don't need to have a score to settle with a cheating ex to feel it. This album brings a little bit of beauty to my morning drive through the kinds of housing estates where it looks like even the walls have been crying, and it can bring a bit of beauty to your drive, walk, embarkation on a life adventure or mundane Monday night. It doesn't matter. Its just plain ol' good stuff. And everyone likes good stuff.

So let go of some rage, kick back and enjoy 'Something Simple'...and join me as one of the smug ones who will be able to say we discovered Terri Marie before she was famous.

Terri Marie - 'Something Simple' is available to download on iTunes and CDBaby

Check out the exclusive interview with Scudley Records producer Peter Renzullo for the release of 'Something Simple' (including some amazing live performances) and Terri Marie's Facebook page for previews of album songs and videos of the above live performances.

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