Festival Reviews

As the initial concept of Dung Beetle was good, honest writing and reviewing that attempts to filter out some of the nonsense of this world in order to make life a little more light hearted and a little less irritating, a fantastic place to kick this off is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, starting this weekend.

For the rest of August, local tempers will flare, taxis will become obsolete and rent will sky-rocket as the best, worst, prettiest, ugliest and most outrageous artists in the world descend on the city, bringing with them a plethora of events in theatre, music, dance, comedy, visual art, cabaret and just about anything else the mind can conjure up. During this time, we will be rolling together a few dung balls during an attempt to wade through a cross section of the weird and wonderful events on offer, which may not necessarily get much attention elsewhere in the form of reviews or audience members for that matter. 

Dung Beetle is not just about plain reviews, and realistically the Edinburgh Festival only lasts for three weeks, so even if you're not in the area please have a look, keep following and always feel free to leave comments, suggestions and new ideas. Many thanks!

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