Edinburgh Fringe Comedy Festival starts today!

Check out http://www.edcomfest.com for show details and sign up to the mailing list for 50% off tickets. Remember that these are just a few of the comedy shows on this month and there are heaps of free events in different locations across the city.


  1. I went to Edinburgh yesterday, and the first thing I saw when I walked up onto the Royal Mile was a man playing the bagpipes, wearing hoof's as feet!! Yes people, he was trying to balance on his hoof's while he puffed into the pipes. I wish I'd taken a picture as this is something everyone must see! So, the Edinburgh Festival, with its weird and wonderful acts begins!

  2. There we go, all you need to do is come out the station to be faced with a half-man-half-goat...the possibilities this month really are endless. Get amongst it!