The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Edinburgh Festival review

The Lady Boys of Bangkok - Meadows Theatre Big-Top - Although the Lady Boys are now a regular fixture at the festival and the ticket prices, although varied, do reflect this, it would still just be rude for The Dung Beetle to bypass Edinburgh's biggest summer party without a word. So, as I beetled about at the free shows a few metres up the road, guest reviewer Sarah Leask flashed the cash and headed down to the meadows big-top to check out the Lady Boys much-anticipated Fur Coats and French Knickers tour.

"After seeing this show, all I can say is that I want to be a lady boy! For two hours I was absolutely mesmerized by these amazingly beautiful ‘girls’ with bodies to die for. Bitches. I mean bastards...ummm... 

"This show was entertaining and full of amazing costumes with lots of dancing and some good old audience participation.  The only part of the show that tends to remind the audience that this is still a cabaret show is the miming, but apart from those awkward moments when it was clear that they did not know the words, even this was fantastic.

"I have to say I am not usually a fan of audience participation. It tends to attract people who have drunk enough that they have found their invincibility cape and therefore think they are somehow going to outshine the main act in whatever activity they have been selected to partake in. However, with this show it seems to work. It’s clear that they are going for the ‘cringe factor’ when they invite unsuspecting males onto the stage just to embarrass the hell out of them with their shameless flirting and groping. But it’s all done in good humour. And to be fair, if you are male and have booked front row tickets, you're probably secretly hoping for it. 

"I'm all for spending the festival raking through the bizarre and unknown, expanding your cultural horizons and appreciating the artistic beauty of our city, but for just one night this month get a group of mates together, get your critic hat off, sing and dance to some cheesy music and get a bit tipsy at the Lady Boys. There's no hidden message. It's not going to change your life. But damn, those man- chicks are hot."

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